Eagle safari

Eagle safari in our 27 foot boat with good deck space and a small cabin. We can almost guarantee eagles - every time.

We go out to Svellingen - an archipelago outside Offersøy to see these majestic birds in their right element! Price per person 650, -. Contact us at phone +47 769 33900 or to book an eagle safaris with us at Offersøy.


Activities this summer

If you are staying on Offersøy and want to experience something exciting, we offer the following activities this summer.

Pinsen 2018

Vi har åpent hver dag i pinsen. Legg turen innom feriesenteret og ta en kaffekopp eller en middagstopp hos oss. Vi har også ledige rom, hytter og rorbuer i pinsen.

Kveithaillet 2018

Arranged on Offersøy Feriesenter from 24th to 27th of May 2018. We wish all eager halibut fishermen welcome to fish contest!

Contact us

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8412 Vestbygd
Phone: +47 76 93 39 00